Information for Visitors and Newcomers


“What should I expect?”

Expectations often lead to hurt and disappointment, so don’t expect as much as to be open to a new way.

We hope to create an atmosphere of acceptance and welcome where one feels and offers the same acceptance and welcome desired by all God’s children.

A place for individuals to ask questions and discern God’s will for living life to its fullest.

A sanctuary where one is able to give thanks for blessings on their journey and comfort in times of sorrow and difficulty on life’s path safe from other people’s judgment and open to God’s grace and mercy.

An experience where God’s gentle touch might guide and encourage full discipleship in following the Way of Jesus Christ.

An opportunity to hear the Word of God preached and taught and lived out among a group of individuals committed to sharing in the life of Christ.

“What about my children during worship?”

We invite children to participate in worship by being present.

During the service there is a children’s message where they are invited to come forward and share with the pastor about the message for the day, and for the very young there are colorful activity bags hanging in the narthex (entrance of the church) with all kinds of things to keep a young child engaged during the service ~ on days when Holy Communion is celebrated, children are invited to come forward for a special blessing.

“Do you have Sunday School classes for my children and me?”

Certainly! If you check out the Faith Formation page on our website it explains the Christian Education at Good Shepherd and shows opportunities for gatherings.

“Do you have an evening service?”

There are certain services throughout the year that are held in the evening including Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Thanksgiving Eve Eve Service and Christmas Eve. Check the calendar on our website for dates and times.

“How should I dress for church?”

Be comfortable, be yourself! You will find some people dressed in their “Sunday best,” with suits and ties, and others in their “Sunday best,” with jeans and tees. We value the heart, not what you wear, so what you think would honor and please God is what matters most.

“Where do I park?”

We have ample parking on the church grounds with handicap parking close to the side entrance, just come a few minutes early to get a good parking space.


We have Sunday morning Worship Service beginning at 10:00 am including a children’s time and occasionally we have special music.


Getting to know one another, laughing, talking, and caring about and for each other these are priorities at Good Shepherd!

We encourage everyone to spend a few minutes visiting and getting connected with one another along with new people and the larger community.