Please pray for…

The Family of: Sandra Endres

Family and Friends needing prayer: Patty Sager, Betty Humanick, Susan ‘Tillie’ Waller, Frances Kuntz, Edgar Smith, Connie Konnick, Donna Fox, Janet German, Pat Reimert, Debbie Silfies, Mason Post, Eileen Andrews, Lisa Gilly, and Rev. Allen Miller.

Blessings for Julia Mary Gledhill, born June 12, 2021 to Lauren & Kevin Gledhill and is the great granddaughter of Madeline Balliet.

Homebound Members: Mary Bilheimer, Kay Costenbader, Dolores Gruber, Freda Horn, and Susan ‘Tillie’ Waller.

All the young men and women serving our country: Colby Adams, Anthony Babb, Elijah Colon, Dalton Housenick, Kira (Kern) Kelsey, Michael Kelsey, Rebecca McMichael, Cory Musser, David Neff, Nicholas Sander, Benjamin Schaffer, Jacqueline Tracy, and Janel Tracy.